Video Editing course by Hisham Aly Abedel Khalik


If you want to learn the montage video editing? 😊🙂
This is important to you 🤔🤔
If you want to work on Monterey? Whether on a satellite channel? Or at the cinema? Or free lancer anywhere? Or do you want to make YouTube videos, adjust and produce your work and graduate professionally so that you can be special from all the competition channels in the same field?

This course is very important to you 🎥

The montage course from Freem Codes Academy in cooperation with video editor and the great film director Hisham Aly Abdel khaleq

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema 1994

He worked as an assistant director in films from 1988-2004 (local and international movies),

Work as director, producer, monter, and color corrector on different TV channels

(Programs, parties and notes)

Taking out record movies like (Karmoz thug, skirt from EU movies)

Getting out a number of ads and songs

Go out and write and producer of the novel movie only five (Orbit Channel)

( won best actress in Alexandria film festival 2014 )

He made a number of short films such as a movie for Patience borders and conspiracy theory movie

( official selection Algeria international festival )

Showreel :

You will learn in the course 👇🏻

– Recognizing the principles of the montage and the interface of the program

– Transition effects between videos (transitions)
– montage, sound engineering, and multivoice integration into videos
– Screens section and display more than one screen at the same time, and combine the layers of photos
– Separating green and blue vineyards and adding visual effects
– Color correction
– Writing on the video professionally, making tatters and news tape
– Learn ways to extract video, extensions and different quality in extracting the video

You will also work in your hands all days, and give every lecture, and a final project in the last lecture in the course, I mean from the end you will be a right learner from A to Z 👍😅
This is other than technical support throughout and after the course and there are many other benefits

Note: It is necessary to have a laptop for practical application during training

Book your reservation limited numbers

To contact and know the details via page messages

Whatsapp: 01227513995

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